Service & Product Testing

LS West Africa follows strict safety regulations and guidelines when it comes to the testing of all lifting, lashing and rigging equipment.


Service & Product Testing

Understanding your objectives

LS West Africa offer a wide range of services to all industries for maintain, repairing and certifying of your lifting tackle and equipment. LS West Africa complies to all the SANS Standards as well as the Occupational Health and safety Act No 85 of 1993 DMR 18.

Listed below is a complete list of what LS West Africa contracts around - all testing services with their respective compliance standards.

Crane Services

Complete servicing of all types and tonnages – Jib Cranes, Portal Cranes, Mono Rails, Semi Portal Cranes and wall travelling Jib Cranes, Removal and Relocating of Cranes and Electrical Hoists, Complete Refurbishing and Testing of all types of Electrical Hoists (Rope and Chain), Installation of all Electrical Components to suit any application, Reporting and Recertification of all repairs and services.

All Load Testing and Inspections are done in Accordance to the SANS 10375.

Load Test Services

Load Testing of all makes of Cranes and Tackle using Solid Weights, Water Weights and a Mobile Test Rigg, Internal Load Testing as well as External.

Certification supplied of each unit Load Tested according to the SANS10375 and SANS500.

Tackle Services

Complete servicing and Repairs of all makes, models and tonnages – Chain Blocks and Lever Blocks, Tirfors, Chain Slings, Rope Slings, Hand Winches, Snatch Blocks, Recertification on all repaired and Inspected Units.

All Repairs done on Chain Blocks and Lever Hoists are done in accordance to the SANS1637 and SANS1640.

Inspection Services

All equipment inspected are supplied with the relevant certification according to the equipment inspected.

Inspection of all Lifting Tackle on a quarterly basis as per SANS 500

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