Rigging and lifting equipment

Rigging and lifting equipment

rigging and lifting equipment

LS West Africa deals in a wide array of rigging and lifting equipment. The organisation caters to clients across the African continent and beyond.

If you need chains, rigging straps, slings or crane accessories for the mining and construction industries, LS West Africa is your one-stop-shop in terms of reputation, trust, value and relationships.

LS West Africa supplies, refurbishes and repairs a wide range of rigging and lifting products. The full list can be found on our products page, but here are a few offhand:

  • Crane slings
  • Rigging chains
  • Spreader bar rigging
  • Crosby rigging
  • Rigging slings
  • Scaffolding material
  • Lift rigging

Did you know

Depending on the application, either material slings, steel wire rope or grade 80/100 load bearing chains are used in construction. Utility snares or hooks are attached to either end and are able to lift varying loads. Each of our slings have a predetermined WLL (working load limit).

We recommend galvanised chains if the slings are for use in the mining industry.

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